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Community Champions who partner with the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition on a local level have the opportunity to support an important goal of reducing crashes and creating positive mobility options for their neighbors as they age.

Community Champions are the local partners who work with our statewide Community Coordinator to help identify the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition’s resources that will have the greatest impact on reducing crashes and increasing positive mobility options within their local community. The Safe Mobility for Life Coalition will support the Community Champion with data-driven, research-based safety and mobility resources. In turn, a community champion can provide the Coalition a better understanding of their community’s greatest safety and mobility needs.

The Coalition offers both web-based and print resources, educational materials, social media promotion, event partnerships, and a user friendly website, all of which use a positive approach to impact mobility and driving skills as we age.

A Safe Mobility for Life Community Champion knows their community! Through partnership we can:

The Coalition uses data to identify communities in need but Champions know with whom to share supportive educational materials which will have the greatest positive impact directly on their aging road users.


Working together with local partners to share our positive educational tools is another resource to help improve the safety, access, and mobility of Florida’s aging road users.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Katie Arnold, Community Champion Coordinator at karnold@fsu.edu.