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Law Enforcement Resources

Older adults want to drive safely and are not opposed to fair and unbiased evaluations. The majority of older drivers are not problem drivers; they are merely people who need basic transportation. Older adults trust police officers, and officers can help an aging driver steer clear of harm’s way on the road by:

  • Providing a referral to a local assistance agency that coaches and counsels older citizens on safe vehicle operation, or makes recommendations for other mobility options;
  • Encouraging self-assessment;
  • Offering driver refresher courses;
  • Citing drivers who violate traffic laws; and
  • Making referrals to the licensing agency.

Interventions with the family, partner, or friends:

  • Acting as a trusted authority in evaluating driving safety;
  • Supporting legal efforts to appropriately restrict or remove driving privileges; and
  • Seeking information and assistance on the health and mobility situation of the older driver from loved ones.

Interventions with other community agencies:

  • Offering the assistance of the law enforcement community in conducting safety programs.

Helping the Aging Driver

There are some resources available on the national level to provide information on ways that law enforcement can assist aging drivers:

You can read more information on how aging can affect your driving ability on our Driving Skills page.

Education and Training

NHTSA has developed a training course for law enforcement officers that includes information on the aging process, how to conduct a traffic stop with an older driver, making referrals, and conducting an older driver community relations problem. The training can be scheduled by contacting the NHTSA's regional office.

Walkinginfo.org has information and enforcement training of bicycle and pedestrian laws.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Alzheimer's Initiatives Program has just released new training for law enforcement personnel on how to respond to individuals with Alzheimer's Disease in various situations. You can download the videos for free here.  

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This survey to law enforcement professionals will assist the Coalition as we work to implement Florida’s Aging Road User Strategic Safety Plan. Your responses will benefit our Licensing and Enforcement Emphasis Area as they develop resources to promote safe driving and mobility for aging road users through licensing and enforcement. Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback.